Our next appeal, in conjunction with the Church of Scotland World Mission Council, has now been launched.This year The Boys’ Brigade World Mission Fund Project is raising money to help make uniforms for the boys. They will buy material, sewing machines and employ people to make the uniforms. Boys will need to do 10 hours community work to be able to get a uniform – Kit for Kenya! 10x10 Challenge

Our partners, The Presbyterian Church of East Africa support the Boys’ Brigade in Kenya.  There are over 20,000 boysin the Boys’ Brigade in 795 Companies.   Many boys in Kenya live in very poor families and buying a uniform is very difficult for them.  It will help children to” Kit for Kenya!”

I am sure this will appeal to BB members of all ages, and we hope that you will feel able to give this your fullest support.   Much more information about this exciting project can be seen in the enclosed pamphlet.  It would be really encouraging if every section could try and make a donation no matter how much towards this appeal.


World Mission Fund Account

WMF 2015 Signed accounts.pdf


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